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Ysgol Bryn Hedydd take a run down the beach!

On Wednesday 10th November, all the junior children were invited to try out for the Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Cross Country Team.

At 10.30 a.m, any children wishing to participate gathered in the hall to hear the instructions from Mr Cannon. There were approximately 150 children.

We all walked down to our local beach and looked at the running course on the sand.

There were a few gasps when Mr Cannon announced that the lower juniors would run round it twice and the upper juniors three times!!

All the children did very well.

The results are as follows

                                    Lower Junior Results

           Boys                                                               Girls

1. Donny Doyle                                                 1. Kaitlin Gorry
2. Cameron Wallis                                             2. Niomi Dally
3. Callum Dally                                                 3. Ellie Robinson
4. Sam Evans                                                   4. Destiny Lobban
5. Joshua Gardiner                                            5. Hannah Herbert

                                  Upper Junior Results

           Boys                                                               Girls

1. Joseph Prime                                                 1. Olivia Trimm
2. Josh Nolan                                                     2. Kaya Nolan
3. Liam Bowers                                                  3. Chloe Rawlinson
4. Kai Wallis                                                      4. Hannah Scott
5. Philip Macdonald                                            5. Lexi Wilson

Members chosen from this results table will be taking part in a Cross Country Inter-Schools competition in the next few weeks.