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What's in the box ?

This week we have been busy with the contents of a box that Mr Canon gave Mrs. Westaway-Green's class. 
Our box was number 5, it contained a map of European cities, a Kinder egg, a Dennis the Menace DVD and two metal nozzles!!
It was the children's ideas that we used for our activities this week, we had so much fun!
Picture 1 We made European fact cards
Picture 2 Our Siop Siocled
Picture 3
Picture 4 What's in the box ?
Picture 5 Landmarks in European cities
Picture 6 We had a DVD in our box
Picture 7 We had a Kinder egg in our box
Picture 8 We had two nozzles in our box
Picture 9 We had a map in our box
Picture 10 Comic strips
Picture 11 Comic strips
Picture 12 Comic strips
Picture 13 Comic strips
Picture 14 Orienteering
Picture 15 Orienteering
Picture 16 The nozzles were tricky !
Picture 17 Using the nozzles
Picture 18 What colour smartie will you find ?
Picture 19 Designing a DVD cover
Picture 20 Designing a DVD cover
Picture 21