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RWI Phonics

Reading: RWI Phonics



Read Write Inc - Our Phonics Scheme

It is statutory for all schools to use synthetic phonics when teaching early literacy skills to children. Synthetic phonics is simply the ability to convert a letter or letter group into sounds that are then blended together into a word.


Here at Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, we are using the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme to get children off to a flying start with their Literacy, Language and Communication (LLC). RWI is a method of learning based upon letter sounds and phonics, and we use it to aid children in their reading and writing.


The children are assessed regularly and grouped according to their ability. They will work with a RWI trained teacher or teaching assistant.



When using RWI to read the children will:


  • Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple prompts
  • Learn to read words using sound blending (Fred talk)
  • Read lively stories featuring words they have learnt to sound out
  • Show that they comprehend the stories by answering 'Find It' and 'Prove It'



When using RWI the children will also work in pairs:


  • To answer questions
  • To take turns talking and listening to each other
  • To give positive praise to each other


How can I help with Read, Write Inc?

Within the first half term of your child starting Reception, you will be invited to a meeting so that we can explain how we teach reading and show you the resources we employ. During the meeting, there are lots of suggestions on how you can help your child to read. Your support really does get your child off to a flying start and encourages them to make great progress!


You can help your child to sound out the letters in words and then to ‘blend’ the sounds together to make a whole word. Try not to refer to the letters by their names. Help your child to focus on the sounds. You can hear how to say the sounds correctly by watching the videos we have included on the website.  These 'speed sounds' are used throughout Foundation Phase Learning and Lower KS2, playing an important part in learning to read and write, so a good understanding of these sounds really does make a difference!


Sometimes your child might bring home a book that they already know well. Please don’t say, ‘This is too easy,’ as they may have chosen that because they enjoy it!  Instead, encourage your child to tell you the story out loud; ask them questions about things that happen or what they think about some of the characters in the story. These golden rules will help you:


  • Practise sounds from an early age.
  • Teach sounds rather than the alphabet.
  • Use Fred talk when reading words.
  • Use Fred fingers when spelling out words.
  • Make reading fun with the use of predicting and questioning.
  • Read books of a higher level at home, together ~ Reading For Pleasure books.
  • Help to teach your child the 44 sounds.
  • Feed your children new vocabulary & discuss the meaning.


Weekly Homework

The children bring home a Book Bag Book every week, which they need to read in order to practise their phonic skills. We expect our children to read at least 3 times a week and parents should log this in their Reading Diaries.


They also have access to the RWI Online EBook library, where homework is set, which relates to the book that they are exploring in class with their teacher. There is a very short quiz, relating to the book,  which needs completing. 


All of the reading homework is matched to the children's current phonic level. They should be able to read the words. Some parents may think that this reading doesn't appear challenging but it shouldn't be as the sounds within the book, are ones that the children are familiar with, through teaching within school. 

Parent video: How to say the sounds

Uploaded by Ruth Miskin Training on 2020-01-20.

Parent video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons. Click here to download our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons Schedule: form our website: For more information visit For free Read Write Inc. Phonics eBooks, activities and advice, visit Oxford Owl for Home:

Parent video: Sound blending

Uploaded by Ruth Miskin Training on 2019-09-12.