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Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Dream it, Achieve it, Use the Force Breuddwydiwch, Cyflawnwch, Defnyddiwch y Grym


Braving the elements for the sake of Science!

Year 6 enjoyed a cold, wet, windy.....but fantastic day at Wepre Park this week conducting Science field studies.  We studied five discrete habitats:  meadow, forest floor, forest canopy, pond and stream.  We used a variety of techniques to collect, identify and study as many species as possible according to the habitat.  
We rooted around in the grass on the meadow but didn't find many specimens due to the grass still being short and the atrocious weather conditions. The forest floor was more productive, offering up a range of minibeasts such as woodlice, slugs, snails, worms, beetles etc.  We shook small trees over a white sheet to collect species such as spiders, flies, slugs and aphids.  The pond was the one environment where the wet weather was actually an asset and we found an amazing variety of creatures including cadis fly lavae, sticklebacks and three species of newts.  The most popular habitat amongst the pupils was the stream as it afforded an opportunity to splash about in our wellies and they were delighted to catch Bullhead fish, including the largest specimen the Park Warden had ever seen.
All in all, the trip was a tremendous success despite the weather and the children were a credit to Bryn Hedydd.  The Warden and centre staff were highly complimentary about the enthusiasm, attitude and manners of our children.
Many thanks again to the brave parents who accompanied us on the visit.  We hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did.