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Year 6 take a trip back in time in their World War II theme day!

On Thursday December 2nd, Year 6 pupils and teachers experienced first hand what it would have been like living through the war years. Pupils spent the morning taking part in practical activities which were aimed at strengthening their knowledge of the topic. 
Thanks to Kath Hutchison and Mrs Jan Robinson for spending the morning making 'ration' pies with all the children. Many of the pupils did not relish the thought of eating so many vegetables (especially swede!) but by the time the cooking got under way and the cooking smell filled the room, all were very keen to sample. Great work!
Thanks also to Bill, who taught the children more about the role of the Home Guard during the war years and about his experiences. Pupils were able to ask and answer relevant questions and learned about the equipment needed for his job. They finished off by learning a popular entertaining dance of the time, 'The Lambeth Walk'.
Finally, thankyou to Mr Nolan for organising and working with the children to produce artwork based on 'The Blitz' in London. Pupils produced a background colour wash and spent time cutting intricate silhouettes of a London skyline, including barrage balloons, dropping bombs and dog fights. You can see some examples in the picture gallery. Well done!