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The uses of materials... today we learnt about limestone!

Written by Year 3LW 

Today, three ladies came in called Trisha, Cath and Gail. They came in to talk about what a quarry is and the uses of that material. They came from Aberduna Quarry, which gets limestone out of the ground.

We learnt lots of fascinating facts!
Did you know that limestone is in toothpaste? 
If people put makeup on their faces, they are actually putting limestone on their face!
Limestone is also in glass, so when you look in a mirror, you are actually looking in rocks!
Do you clean your bath? Well you are probably using limestone!
It is also used to make cement.
But mostly, limestone is used to make roads.

We saw a blast at the Quarry. This is an explosion to get the limestone out of the benches. We saw the blast ripple across the bench and then all the rock fell down. It looked like a waterfall!
We learnt that the rocks were then sieved in a machine.

Aberduna Quarry is 150 metres high. Sometimes it even has a lake at the bottom! Depending on the weather. 

The ladies asked for two volunteers to come to the front. One was a modern-day quarry man and the other was from 100 years ago. The modern-day worker had lots of safety gear on, including the hard hat and ear defenders, safety goggles and gloves. He earns approximately £400 a week.

Our other volunteer wasn't so lucky. He wore dark clothing, so he couldn't really be seen. He didn't wear a hard hat so his head got bumped! He also had to wear an eye patch because he had lost the sight in one eye due to all the dust. He lost one of his fingers a rock had fallen and his finger became infected and he had to have it cut off! In the end, the poor worker died at the quarry by falling 150 metres down the quarry. He wasn't wearing a safety harness.