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Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Dream it, Achieve it, Use the Force Breuddwydiwch, Cyflawnwch, Defnyddiwch y Grym


RAAAAAAAHHHHH! We were all celtic warriors for the day!

What a fantastic day was had by Year 3 today!

The year group went to Groundwork in Wrexham to take part in the Celtic Experience...and what an experience it was!

As we arrived, we were greeted by three celtic warriors, Angharad, Bedwyr and Dafydd. We were a bit surprised as they were all stood there with blue face paint on and tunics and shawls.

It didn't take too long before we were looking the same! Firstly, we put our tunics on, then we pinned a shawls to our shoulders. Then we painted each others faces with blue woad [or we used face paint today!] The final transformation was adding some limewash to our hair to make us look all terrifying and scary!

Once we were ready and kitted out, our work began. Off we went to learn about roundhouses. We sat inside a roundhouse made out of stone and learnt the process of building our own. Did you know it took 8 months to build?

After that, we made a start at building our own. First, we took our withy and we wove it through the wooden stakes in the ground. Next [the horrible part!!!] we mixed up the daub, by using grass, water, cow manure and clay. What a horrible mixture! Then we spread thatt over the woven willow wood. This process was called 'wattle and daub'.

After washing our hands rather thoroughly, off we went to do some spear throwing. The rest of the group had to shout and scream very loudly, imagining we were trying to scare the enemy!

Annnnnnnnddddddd, then it was dinner time! We had worked hard!

Following lunch, our work continued as celtic warriors.

We had 3 diffreent tasks to complete.

1. We had to design a celtic shield to help us fight the enemy.
2. Make a thumb pot out of clay.
3. Practise our weaving skills on the loom.

With all these jobs done, it was time to go home. We had a fantastic day and want to thank the 'Celtic Experience' for making it a fun learning experience!

Diolch yn fawr!

Take a look at the photos of our day....