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Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Dream it, Achieve it, Use the Force Breuddwydiwch, Cyflawnwch, Defnyddiwch y Grym


Ysgol Bryn Hedydd celebrate their School Eisteddfod!

All week, we have been celebrating 'Welsh Week' 


On March 1st, Year 3 performed their Saint David's Day service, which went very well.

Today, March 3rd was the day for our whole school Eisteddfod.

We met in the hall at 9.15a.m and started by listening to Year 3 perform 'Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau', the Welsh National Anthem.

Mr Cannon then introduced the service by looking at some of the teachers favourite places in Wales.

Reception performed 'Mochyn y dw i', which everyone enjoyed.


Following that, the winners were announced from Reception art competition.

1st - Lexi Berger
2nd - Oliver Birch-Jones
3rd - Ellie Gardiner

Year 1 sang 'Ty bach twt'

Then the winners of the Year 1, 2 and 3 art competition were read out.

Year 1.
1st - Lani Hughes
2nd - Maddison Whyte
3rd - Harvey Stoddard

Year 2.
1st - Cory Spotswood
2nd - Samuel Wilson
3rd - Scarlett Powell

Year 3.
1st - Isabelle Langford
2nd - Chloe Maguire
3rd - Ellis Payne

Just before we finished for a break, Year 3 then performed 'Joio' gan Mair Elwyn, a poem they had learnt for their year group service.

After a lovely play outside, we came back into the hall to see a surprise guest.... it was...... Mr Gallagher! our old Headmaster. It was lovely to see him again.  


The winners were announced from the Year 4, 5 and 6 art competition - 'Our local area'

Year 4. [Collaborative art work]
1st - Team Charlie
2nd - Team Conner
3rd - Team Isaac

Year 5.
1st - Ben Steel
2nd - Imogen Kulavuz and Nathan Jones
3rd - Holly Jones 

Year 6.
1st - Maia Roberts
2nd - Elise Heyward
3rd - Michael Hindley

Year 2 performed their song 'Dw i eisiau'


Following that, the winners from the home competition were announced for Years 1,2 and 3.

Year 1.
1st - Georgia Hughes
2nd - Maddison Whyte
3rd - Harvey Stoddard

Year 2.
1st - Thomas Bevan
2nd - George Parry
3rd - Cory Spotswood

Year 3.
1st - Grace Scott
2nd - Jonathon Dawes
3rd - Emily Rice

Next, Year 4 performed 'Dyma'r tywydd heddiw' in our School Eisteddfod


Winners were also announced from Year 4,5 and 6 photograph competition - 'My favourite place in Wales'.

Year 4.
1st - Lee Sheldon
2nd - Tia Breese
3rd - Kyle Spotswood

Year 5.
1st - Mollie Desmond
2nd - Ellie O'Mahoney
3rd - Ben Steel

Year 6.
1st - Joseph Prime
2nd - Amber Agha
3rd - Holly Newnham

Thank you to all the children who entered that competition!

Year 6 were up next to perform. 
Firstly, a selection of groups from Year 5 and 6 performed a very unique event! They showed us what they had been creating during Welsh Week...a rap about Wales!
[see the video clips below]

Then the whole of Year 6 performed 'Yma o hyd'

Announced next was the 'Medal y Dysgwydr'. This is a very special award given to someone from Year 6 who has shown an outstanding attitude and enthusiasm towards the subject.
This years winner went to Sean Jones, Year 6CE. Ardderchog Sean!

Year 5 then performed 'Fy ngol cyntaf'. We enjoyed that! 

As we neared the end of the Eisteddfod, Year 6 performed 'Haleliwia'. A very moving performance.
[see the video clip below]

To close our service, 'Y Gadair' was announced. This award is a welsh writing competition. A competition which they carry out at home.
This year, 'Y Gadair' was awarded to Maia Roberts, Year 6 DTV.
Ardderchog Maia!


To end our Eisteddfod on a high, the whole school sang 'Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau'.

What a busy but excellent Eisteddfod today!
Thank you to all of those who took part and well done to all the winners!