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What a roaring time we had with the 'Road Safety Show'!

A review written by Year 3LW.

On Monday 14th March, in the afternoon, Year 3,4 5, and 6 went to the hall to watch a show about road safety. The show was called 'The Courtroom' and was put on by three people called Nick, Matt and Alice from the 'Tiny Giant Company'. They played different parts in the show, for example, Judge Mental [yes he was!] Terry McDermott, Pamela the lolly-pop lady, the Defence and the Prosecutor. We, as the audience, had to act as the jury. 

Terry McDermott, a 10 year old boy, was being charged with playing on his mobile phone whilst crossing the road. Unfortunately, the car had to swerve to avoid Terry and crashed into another car. One of the passengers in the car wasn't wearing a seatbelt and so was thrown out of the car through the windscreen.

As the jury, we decided that Terry McDermott was not guilty of being a foolish child, it was just an accident.

We learnt some phrases to help us remember 'Road Safety'


Also, making sure we don't cross between parked cars.

Don't go between, if the drivers seen
Don't go between, if the lights are gleam
Don't go between, if smoke is seen
Don't go between, if you hear the beats

Also, to remember to wear your seatbelt....


We really enjoyed the show and will think about all these things next time we cross the road.

Kallum Gorry said, 'It was really good. I liked it when Alice pulled Judge Mental's ear."

Jac Armstrong said, "I liked the acting. I thought the actors put a lot of expression into their performance."

Sophie Gurney said, "I liked it when the Prosecution kept on shouting at the other actors."

Ellie Robinson said, " My favourite part was when Judge Mental ran over to Mrs Williams and hugged her shouting 'I love teachers'. Mrs Williams was very embarrased!!!"