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Global Citizenship Week is a huge success!

Global Citizenship Week!
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Article written by Ella Jones and Luke Cummins.

Our School held a Global Citizenship Week on Monday 2nd June. Every year group had a different country to find out about and look into.

Nursery - Wales
Reception - Brazil
Year 1 - Egypt
Year 2 - Canada
Year 3 - Australia
Year 4 - China
Year 5 and the Hwb - Kenya
Year 6 - France [and Europe]

The ovens were roasting and paint brushes were in use because the whole school was busy doing fun stuff about their country, like cooking, art, sport etc.

We all came to the School Service on Friday in the hall and we discussed the different countries that every year group had explored.

Most of the children made different types of food, the food that was special in that country.

Take a look at the interviews our Hwbers carried out.

Nursery - Issy and Ellie

What was your favourite part?
Cheese on toast

What did you not like about the Week?
We liked everything.

Did you make any food from Wales?
Cheese on toast

Did you dress up?
No, we did that during Welsh Week

Reception - Lily and Elliot.

Have you found out any animals in Brazil?

What have you enjoyed the most?
We had lots of fun

Did you cook any food?
Yes, hot dogs

Did you not like anything about your country?
Working on the sand

What have you learnt about?
The World Cup, the rainforest and football

Would you like to go to Brazil?

Year 1 - Luke and Kacey

Year 2 - Ryan and Amy
Did you enjoy making your pancakes?
What was your favourite activity?
Making panckaes
What have you learnt?
That the longest road is 4,800 km
Can you name some animals in Canada?
Moose, beaver
Would you like to go to Canada when you are older and why?
Yes, to see the animals.

Year 3 - Charmaine and Luke

What was your favourite part of the week?
Making lamingtons

What games did you play?

What was your favourite activity?
All of the games

Can you name any animals?
Kookaburra, kangaroo, platypus, rainbow fish

What have you learnt?
Australia is an island. Aborignies were the first people to live there

Would you like to do anything like it again?
Yes, because we learnt some new words

Year 4 - Kallum and Matthew

Year 6 - Kim, Connor and Scarlett