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Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Dream it, Achieve it, Use the Force Breuddwydiwch, Cyflawnwch, Defnyddiwch y Grym


Happy New Year everyone!

Ysgol Bryn Hedydd would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!
It is going to be an exciting year for us in school with lots of great learning opportunities along the way!
We hope you are looking forward to it too!

We asked some pupils and staff what they are looking forward to this year and any new year resolutions they have made... 

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Amber Agha, Year 6CE
Opening my new steakhouse

Mrs Bartholomew, Year 4AR
the Summer!

Auntie Glen
Children being good

Isabelle Langford, Year 3LW
Moving up to Year 4

Mr Cannon
Having a busy year at the beach

Louis Morgan, Year 5CB
Doing lots of running

Miss Hughes, Year 2RH
The Springtime when we can go outside and learn in the nice weather

Mrs Breese, Year 1CB
Our theme week this half term where we will be learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year

Mrs Armstrong, Year 1MA
The Key Stage 1 Outdoor Play Area being developed

Miss Taylor, Year 2ST
Our new topic of 'Space' that we will be working on this term

Mrs Westaway-Green, Reception KWG
My Summer holidays. Taking the children in my class outdoors.

Olivia Trimm, Year 6CE
The interhouse matches because I will be Captain of Melyd with Michael

Harvey Kent, Year 3LW

Niamh Langford, Year 6CE
Sports Day

Orla Williams, Year 4AR
Mrs Roberts coming back

Connor Patterson, Year 3LW
the Summer holidays

Ashleigh Moores, Year 3LW
next Christmas

Mrs Donovan in the office
Spring and all the Spring term activities in school

Mrs Newton in the office
April when my youngest daughter comes home who has been dancing on a cruise ship since September

Mrs Warrilow, Year 3JW
The Summer when its all warm again and we can all go outdoors

Mrs Parmley-Graham
the Summer

Mr Tudor-Vincent, Year 6DTV
the after school cricket club after Easter

Mrs Lees, Year 4VL
my forest holiday at half term and going camping at weekends

Mrs Farrell, Year 4AR
visiting the family in Canada

Mrs Beattie, Year 5CB
Mr Cannon telling me I have the best class in the school

What about people's New Years Resolutions in school?

Miss Hughes, Year 2RH
To do more running!

Miss Breese, Year 1 CB
To start dance classes

Mrs Armstrong, Year 1MA
To go on the Wii fit more often!

Miss Taylor, Year 2ST
To start riding my bike once a week

Ben Steele, Year 5CR
To do as I am told at home

Ashleigh Moores, Year 3LW
To remember to join up my letters

Daisy Brett, Year 3LW
To do bigger writing

Mr Cannon
To lose weight!

Grace Roberts, Year 5CB
To have less sugar in my tea!

Mrs Bartholomew, Year 4AR
To keep trying my best

Lydia Carter, Year 6DTV
To stop winding up my brothers and sisters!

Imogen Kulavuz, Year 5CB
To join up my writing

Kayla Hughes, Year 3LW
To do smaller writing

Mrs Warrilow, Year 3JW
To read more books

Mrs Parmley-Graham
To have more time for me!

Mr Tudor-Vincent, Year 6DTV
To get fit

Mrs Lees, Year 4VL
To start running again

Mrs Farrell, Year 4AR
To learn new cookery skills

Mrs Beattie, Year 5CB
No television for the whole of January. I will listen to the radio, read and have time with the family instead. Then in Febraury, I will watch just one programme per day.