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Bryn Hedydd's Awards Ceremony

Written by Sadie Wagstaff and Jordan Marsden Year 4LW.

Ysgol Bryn Hedydd gathered together for our annual Awards Ceremony on Thurdsay 15th July.
The whole school was in the hall, from Year 6 to Nursery.

The first award that was given out was the tennis award. Jordan Emery got it for helping Mrs.Williams.
Joseph O'Mahony got first place. Amy Tuff, Joshua Gardiner and Matthew Robbinson also won a trophy.

The second award of the morning was the Nursery class award which was won by Rilay Scorthrone and Holly Spencer. They got one or two books.

The third award was for four children who completed 'Clwb Dal i Fynd'. this means 'Keep Going' in welsh. These children ran,walked,hopped  etc round the white line on the junior playground.

The next award was given to people who completed the 'Catch Up' program in school. There were four Year 3 pupils who got this award.

The fifth award was for the office helpers. There were six of them. There was Sophie Marsden Caitlin Rowlands and many more.

Next was the award for the pupils that were part of the Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Termly Times team. They have spent many hours producing the newspaper. They were Charlotte Williams, Sophie Marsden
Jacob Roberts, Laura Barrett, Cordelia Parmely-Graham.


The seventh award was the certificates for the Eco Council. There were sixteen in total. That's a lot! [Two Eco representatives from each class]

The eighth award was the class prizes and that was split into two.
In Year 1  CB Megan Grawshaw and Cory Spotswood won the class prize and in Year 1 ST Ryan Westwood and Ella Ogle won the prize. 

In Year 2 EO Catlin Sheldon and Cameron Sheldon won the class prize and in Year 2 RH Amy Tough and Tyler  Stone won.

In Year 3  Abigail Dearden and Cameron Dally won the class prize and in Year 3 JW Alisha Buckley and Laton Lloyd won the class prize. 

The nineth award was the 100 present attendance award and only 16 people got that award.

Tenth award was the second half of the class prize.The Year 4 LW prize went to Nia Evans and Nathan Jones.The Year 4 AR prize went to Andrew Bartholemew and Jessica Price.